Terms & Conditions

For same day requests or last minute reservations, please call us to confirm your reservation right away.

All credit card deposits are automatically released by the bank and may take a few days. For European credit cards and Panama, the deposit will be released in 43 days according to the “Bank Policy”. Reservation cars will be held 2 hours after the pick-up time. If we do not receive notification of your pick-up/arrival date, we will not keep the car. No vehicle may be left in the airport public car park without first informing our office. No vehicle can be left to be returned by friends, all drivers must be registered on the rental agreement.

A credit card is required for the deposit and a valid driver’s license. Both must be presented on the day of rental. Tenant must be at least 21 years old. Please note that we do not accept debit cards for the security deposit.

Only the renter and “additional driver(s)” as stated in the rental agreement are authorized to drive the vehicle. If an accident occurs and the driver is not the Lessee or “additional driver(s)”, the insurance will lapse and the Lessee will be held fully responsible for all direct and indirect damages/losses.If CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is accepted, the deductible for damage to the rental car is: $1500 for cars and $2500 for vans. The CDW covers the rental car for damage in the event of a collision. CDW does not cover the following situations: one-way accidents, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding and off-road driving.

Third party damage, over $50,000. A valid police report of the accident must be presented to our company. If not, the CDW will be invalid and the renter will be held responsible for the total amount of damage/losses. In the event that CDW is not accepted, the Renter will be held responsible for the total amount of the damage/losses.

Off-road driving, on white sand and dunes is not allowed. Any damage to the vehicle due to off-road driving or driving on white sand is at the expense of the Renter. The car will be delivered with a fill up with gasoline and must be returned with the same amount of gallons of gasoline. The surcharge per 1/8 tank of gas is $18 for cars, and $25 for VANS. Sorry, no refund. In the event of an accident; call the police on phone # 165 and our headquarters (during office hours 8am – 6pm), phone +297-7323322. Our staff will help you to obtain the necessary information. A police report must always be completed. We help you if you have a flat tire near the city. The cost of repairing the flat tire is US$10. Return the vehicle as agreed. If there is a change in time, date or place; please let us know on phone +297-7323322 The vehicle must be returned clean and in the same condition as received. If this is not the case, any cleaning and repair/replacement costs can be charged to the Renter. Punto Di Oro is not responsible for personal belongings left in the car. The Renter is at all times directly responsible for all damage/losses to the rental vehicle, including water damage. The tenant declares to pay for this damage prior to leaving the island.

Note: Customers accepting service provided by a road/towing service other than Jean’s tow are not eligible for any compensation, either by All Drive Car Rental or by Jean’s towing.

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